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This Project Update, published in April 2024, brings together updates from the Transformative Pathways partners on their key activities and work undertaken since the start of the project in 2022.  

Capacity building sessions on biodiversity monitoring have been a key part of the first phase of the project, and partners are now better able to show how the land that they manage often has a higher level of biodiversity than other areas. Mapping is also an opportunity for them to identify their own natural resources, what threats exist to them, and how they can address those threats.  

In Peru, the Wampís nation have been working to conserve threatened river turtle species, and CHIRAPAQ have been conserving and exchanging native seeds that are more resistant to the effects of climate change, among many other activities.  

In the Philippines, PIKP has been focusing on increasing youth participation in the conservation of cultural and biological diversity, which has been further encouraged through support to the network of urban gardens that include all ages, from children to elders.  

Kenyan partners from IIN and CIPDP attended the Convention on Biological Diversity processes (SBSTTA, WG8J), gaining valuable international advocacy experience and presenting their knowledge of sustainable livelihoods and participatory mapping at side events.  

In Thailand, PASD and IMPECT have been focusing on mapping and biodiversity monitoring and using the data they’ve gathered from these processes to collaborate with Thai authorities. This will help them promote the rights of local communities in national and local policies.  

The Global partners have been working to support country partners across all these activities, as well as using their expertise in filmmaking, international advocacy and biodiversity policy to increase awareness and recognition of the work of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.  

Explore the full project update to better understand the wide range of activities that the Transformative Pathways project is undertaking. 

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