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Community-led conservation

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The Ibaloy Heritage Garden: A Lifeline for Indigenous Culture and Values in Baguio City 

By Jacqueline Cariño, Partners for Indigenous Knowledge Philippines (PIKP)  At the heart of Baguio City is a remaining not-so-green space located between the Baguio Orchidarium and the Children’s Park. You enter through a side street beside the Rose Garden where the bicycles-for-hire are found, until…
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‘Remarkable’ progress made towards incorporating traditional knowledge into the Biodiversity Plan

This article was originally published on the UNEP-WCMC website.   Countries must respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities to achieve the world’s major international commitment on biodiversity, the Biodiversity Plan. This includes acknowledging Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ rights to nature and their…
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Indigenous Peoples in Kenya Celebrating World Environment Day and Biodiversity Day

World Environment Day   Indigenous Peoples of Naramam West Pokot commemorated World Environment Day with great enthusiasm. The area which is characterized by deep gullies, exhibited an immense dedication to repairing their deteriorated land. Men, women, youths, and elderly all actively participated in this effort, coming…
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Community-led mapping and resource inventory in Happy Hallow, Baguio

Ibaloy landowners have completed their participatory community mapping and resource inventory of their ancestral lands in Muyot, Happy Hallow, Baguio City. The maps show the current land use, forests, agricultural lands, residential lots, significant cultural sites, ancestral land claims, water sources and target conservation areas.…
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Now is the time for conservationists to stand up for social justice

This article was originally published in PLOS Biology by © 2024 E. J. Milner-Gulland.  Existing power imbalances and injustices could be exacerbated by large flows of international funding for nature recovery. Conservationists are still grappling with what social justice means in practice; a major shift…
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Introducing a New Resource for Community-Based Biodiversity Monitoring

Originally published on   In the face of escalating biodiversity loss and the urgent need for sustainable conservation practices, the role of Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPs & LCs) has never been more critical. To ensure that their actions are recognised and supported…
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Community Video: Monitoring Paiche Fish Repopulation in Puerto Juan, Morona

Dashed lineThe community of Puerto Juan (Shinguito) in the Morona River basin mobilized a group of 12 people, with high participation from women, to manage the project component of Paiche fish repopulation. The group conducted a Paiche census in their oxbow lake using the plot…
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Project Update April 2024

This Project Update, published in April 2024, brings together updates from the Transformative Pathways partners on their key activities and work undertaken since the start of the project in 2022.   Capacity building sessions on biodiversity monitoring have been a key part of the first phase…
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Planting trees for the restoration of headwater and streams in a Pgakenyaw community

Thailand is located in the tropical rain forest. So, in the past, there were forest resources and highly abundant biological diversity. Then, the Thai government started to think about selling wood to generate income for country development.  The Department of Forestry was set up on…
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Introduction to community-based environmental monitoring: practical guidance for monitoring of natural resources by Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

This guide is for the local organisations working with communities (e.g. community-based organisations and local non-governmental organisations), which are facilitating Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPs and LCs) to design and implement environmental and biodiversity monitoring activities on their lands. The guide includes approaches and…