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LifeMosaic is an organisation dedicated to connecting grassroots experiences across continents, sharing stories from the frontline of the social and environmental crises, and inspirational stories and strategies to build skills, hope and resilience. 

The organisation and its staff share and nurture approaches to long-term visioning and self-determined development, including through the production of tools for empowerment to support local movements, organisers and facilitators in their awareness-raising and advocacy work with communities. Key in this is the production and distribution of videos, guides and other resources for empowerment as key tools for building capacity. 

LifeMosaic seeks to support the emergence of the next generation of indigenous leaders, with the calling, critical awareness, skills and love of their culture to defend and look after their territories. 


Facebook: @Life Mosaic

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Areas of work proposed in the IKI project

LifeMosaic works with partners across the project to produce community training and policy videos, as well as support capacity building among partners in collecting video footage for advocacy purposes. 

Maasai filmmaker Mathias Tooko interviews an elder about cultural revitalisation (Tanzania)
Maasai filmmaker Mathias Tooko interviews an elder about cultural revitalisation (Tanzania)

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