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During the last learning exchange held in March 2023, there was enthusiasm among the home gardeners to exchange knowledge from their actual experiences.  One recommendation that came out was to continue learning exchanges through holding garden visits. On this note, PIKP conducted another learning exchange on November 24, 2023 at an urban garden located in the outskirts of Baguio City with the aim of broadening understanding on the different types of sustainable food and agriculture systems. The home gardeners network went around the Um-a Organic Farm and learned about Indigenous Food Systems, Permaculture, and Pranic Agriculture. One of the immediate next steps that the participants agreed upon is to continue to save and exchange heirloom seeds among each other, and organize a seed saving community in Baguio City. Through the support of PIKP, the participants committed to sustain the home gardeners network and work on the linkage between rural and urban farmers.