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Lagundi, locally known as dangla, has been traditionally used as herbal medicine to relieve cough symptoms by Indigenous peoples in the Cordillera region of the Philippines. It is also used as a therapeutic bath for relaxation, for mothers who just gave birth, or for those who have been sick for a long time. Research has shown that lagundi is effective and can be an alternative to expensive medicine.

“We have seen that the Cordillera is rich in herbal medicine such as lagundi. Studies and research have shown that it is an effective, scientific and affordable alternative to expensive medicine. It is enshrined in the constitution that the Department of Health should ensure the health of the people. Since not all medicine are provided, we look for alternatives such as lagundi.” – Carmen Angbay Cawatig Bolinto, community health worker.

This video on Lagundi Syrup Preparation was made by Partners for Indigenous Knowledge Philippines (PIKP) in partnership with Community Health Education, Services and Training in the Cordillera Region (CHESTCORE Cordillera) as part of their initiatives in promoting indigenous health and wellness.